A Suggestion that has nothing to do with a typical GRC system

Hi all
A suggestion that has nothing to do with GRC and therefor it might be completely irrelevant I relation to Eramba :slight_smile:

I was looking into PROGRAM/Issues and found that if a few changes were made, this was a simple case management system also. The missing fields are: Responsible, with the typical Eramba drop down menu, Case open date field and Case closed date field. Status should be like “Open” – “Closed” or better a list that could be defined in the SYSTEM menu by admin.

I know it has nothing to do with a normal usage of a GRC tool – so just an idea :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for posting Kurt, really any input helps here so more than welcome to listen!

Give me an idea of what you mean by “Issues” you would like to document there?

The other day i was in Milan with an Italian consulting business there, they suggested we tie our new KPI portal with that program to be able to state “This organisation goal is at this KPI”

So , i think in general there are always many angles into a single feature and most of the times, they are all valid…at least that has been my experience.


I used the word “Issues” because it was the word used in Eramba, but it’s more an activity tracker. When we implement a Eramba system, as we do :slight_smile: , we have a lot of activities assigned to different persons in the group and we want to track these activities – just as a normal project.

So instead of calling it “Issues” it might be better to call it “Activities”

The KPI/Dashboard and the individual usages is a great idea; and I can see the relationship with my suggestions – e.g. overdue activities.

So keep up the great work you are doing in Eramba!


I think i understand what you are saying, we many times dont have “projects” but just “activities” … in my own world, i have a txt file called “TODO” where i have a simple list of “tasks” … no deadline, nothing … just a line is enough for me to know what i must do.

Is a bit like a summarised project. Is that more or less what you mean?

For example, mine is a bit like this:

I think the project module is hard to follow up if you just want to describe “activities” , so i would be inclined to create something “lighter”

Let me know if this is more or less what you had in mind!

I might best illustrate it with an example. We want to implement Eramba and has identifies activities that has to be assigned to persons in e.g. the security group. So we need a page like “issues”, but e.g. called Activities and there has to be the issues field +
• Responsible
• Activity Start
• Activity Closed
• Activity Status
• Tags
Hope that helps