Acceptable Use Policy/Agreement Tracking?

Has anyone figured out a good way to track user acceptable of the Acceptable Use Policy? I was exploring using the training module but it doesn’t meet US acceptable practices around digital signatures. Right now everything gets put in dropbox but this cause a file name and excel spreadsheet headache.

we used a service from Adobe, it ties to AD and supports APIs if you want to build some logic (as a welcome email , reminders, etc) , but as you well mentioned in some countries is not feasible…for example, some latin countries were we operate they need a old-fashioned “paper” copy (not the case of US but we are a multinational and some countries are old style).

we pay in adobe the the amount of “signatures” per year, so you can have 50 different types of documents which need to be signed by 10 people and so you only need a license for 500 (at least).

Thanks, what was the name of the service you use?

This one Dom