Audit methodology and succescriteria disappears when set specific dates or recurence date

When i create the control i already fill in the audit methodology and the succes criteria. But later on i will set the dates. When i do that the audit methodology field and the succes criteria field both havo no text anymore. the same with the audit owner and evidence owner. Is this a bug or functionality? see attachments below

How do you fill all the fields when you select no audits required? You set it to some option fill the form and go back to no audits required and after that save? I’m just trying to understand so I’m able to reproduce.

I tried to send you an email, but for some reason I get delay messages.We created the controls with audit fields a long time ago but didn’t set the dates. (we just wanted to create a list of controls) Now we want to set the dates because we want to work with the audits and maintenances. I see now that we cannot fill in the methodology without setting the dates so I do not know why and how we did it before.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I will fill the methodology and succes criteria again and the problem is solved.

Yes I can not see any email form you. Thanks for clarification.