Bug - ampersand sanitisation

I have noticed that when I enter text into fields in Eramba modules (mostly the Security Policies module so far, but I am assuming this is a general bug), that if I type in an ampersand character (&), then later when I view the item I created, any ampersands display as ‘&’ instead.

I’m using the latest Enterprise version
App Version e2.20.3
DB Schema Version e2.20.3

Could this be a side-effect of the way my IT guys have set up Eramba? Or is it more likely a bug?

Hello David,

The latest version is 2.20.6, it is known issue, we already have it in backlog. Thanks for reporting,

Int. ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2902

note: tested on v3-OK

Hi, I noticed today that this also affects ‘greater than’ symbols:
I had put in some ’ > ’ characters in my Internal Controls fields, and they come back as & gt ;

Thank you. Issue already fixed in eramba 3.0.x version