Bug - ampersand sign (&) in compliance analysis doesn't show correctly

ampersand sign (&) does not show up correctly when you are in “edit” mode of compliance analysis.

ok in security policies

ok in compliance analysis page

not ok in compliance analysis when editing
logging andamp


Can you please conntact support?


Hi Kristijan,

Yes, will do.
Thank you for the guidance.


I also find this bug annoying.

Why is this something that has to be handled with support when it was documented here? I have found a lot of small bugs, but haven’t had time to report them all yet. If you want all bugs via support that’s fine but isn’t it OK to get some activity on the forums aswell and a heads-up about bugs?

Please update us if you get a confirmed patch date on this bug!

Hi Ole-Martin,

According to support, this has been fixed in Enterprise version. (We have recently purchased enterprise subscription and haven’t moved away from community yet.) If you are on Enterprise version and still seeing the issue, then it’s worth keeping this topic open. :slight_smile:

But I agree that it would be nice to clarify where to initiate the bug report. All bug report initiating through support will reduce false positives like this and would be good for searchability, but adds burdent to the support team. Maybe we could limit bug report functionality based on the trust level so that people with good amount of experience with Eramba will be able to bypass support and create bug report?

At a closer look It might be to different bugs - didn’t try & in the name of a policy now, but I get this bug on Assets containing a &

and bug

I still have the same bug here, when it Comes to BU-Names: image

The new template fixes this … wait a month or so to be fixed please. We’ll soon share a preview of the template

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