Bug - Awareness Portal / Policy Portal - LDAP (due for r39)


We found an issue with the plugin that handles eramba LDAP authentication and in some cases it can affect:

  • Awareness Portal
  • Policy Portal

When a user logs into any of this portals eramba will query the AD and ask “to which groups this user belongs to?”. This is done using the LDAP Group connector you have defined.

The answer will typically be one of the following:

  • Esteban_Test_Group
  • CN=Esteban_Test_Group,OU=Groups,DC=corp,DC=eramba,DC=org

It really all depends on your group connector (if you used “CN” or “distinguishedname” ), the value that handles this is the following setting on the GROUP connector:

If you used CN chances are you wont notice any issue but if you used distinguished name, things wont work well for you, the typical error will be that when a user logs in the portal they wont see anything.

We have fixed the plugin and the fix will be released week.

For those of you using the awareness module we have included on release 39 a few things you need to have in consideration:

1/ we corrected a bug on the login page of awareness module that sometimes prevented users from getting their awareness trainings listed

2/ we made all LDAP connector fields mandatory, some people did not complete them fully and used the awareness training (which did not check this and of course things did not work well)

3/ We have included a step on the process of creating an awareness trainings that checks your ldap settings and ensure the awareness module has what it needs.

Its simple to use and effective (lets hope).

4/ We have included the same check for you to use with awareness trainings you already have created. You’ll notice the option if you click on manage / Check on the awareness trainings. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU CHECK THIS ON EVERY AWARENESS PROGRAM.