Bug - Awareness Program Report function (due for 22nd Jan)

Hi All

We are trying to put together an awareness training program, so far without much success. We have followed the practical guide and have used our AD connection to select people from the group. Once we have it all set up we use the demo function, selecting myself to test it against. I get the email with no issues, once I click on the link I am brought to the authentication page, I log in and all I get is a message saying my training is complete. The test.html page which we uploaded (just like in the guide) is not show at any point.

Again … Am I doing something wrong?


Maybe related but when I click on the awareness program reports I get the following

Missing Database Table

Error: Table reports for model Report was not found in datasource default.

Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/View/Errors/missing_table.ctp
Stack Trace

CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php line 3667 → Model->setSource(string)
CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php line 1394 → Model->getDataSource()
APP/Lib/FieldData/FieldDataEntity.php line 110 → Model->schema(string)
APP/Model/AppModel.php line 400 → FieldDataEntity->__construct(array, AppModel)
APP/Model/AppModel.php line 360 → AppModel->initFieldData()
CORE/Cake/Utility/ClassRegistry.php line 186 → AppModel->__construct(array)
CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php line 742 → ClassRegistry::init(array)
CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php line 368 → Controller->loadModel(string)
CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php line 406 → Controller->__isset(string)
APP/Controller/AppController.php line 50 → Controller->__get(string)
APP/Controller/ReportsController.php line 9 → AppController->beforeFilter()
[internal function] → ReportsController->beforeFilter(CakeEvent)
CORE/Cake/Event/CakeEventManager.php line 243 → call_user_func(array, CakeEvent)
CORE/Cake/Controller/Controller.php line 677 → CakeEventManager->dispatch(CakeEvent)
CORE/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php line 189 → Controller->startupProcess()
CORE/Cake/Routing/Dispatcher.php line 167 → Dispatcher->_invoke(ReportsController, CakeRequest)
APP/webroot/index.php line 110 → Dispatcher->dispatch(CakeRequest, CakeResponse)

Morning John,
Tried to replicate the issue but i had no issues , the process worked well for me.
I’ll drop you an email to review it.
The Awareness Program Report function was meant to go out (we rely on filters) - I’ll check why is there.

Fixes awareness reports: