Bug- Cancelling a child-window cancels parent window workflow (due for r39)

I have noticed that while creating a risk (or controls) one needs to take into account users, or assets or other things that may not exist. One can create such dependencies using (+) symbols sub-forms. However, if we cancel a child-window the whole workflow gets cancelled which should not happen.
For example, if I cancel a child-workflow to create an asset, the parent workflow to create a risk (which would have used that asset) should not get automatically cancelled.

True - this is a bug we fixed 65 million times already. The whole “UX” will be modified towards the end of the year when we finish migrating (very) “old” code (notifications, workflows, user stuff, etc) … the new ux will be able to be much more responsive.

In the meantime we’ll fix this issue (again): https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/793