BUG - Control and Maintenance dates

When a new internal control is created and we decided the Audit and Maintenance dates the system needs to understand that a previous date to the date of the control been created refers to the next year and not the past. Hence, should not give “control expired” or “maintenance expired” immediately after the creation of the control (or when doing update of a control to change dates for that matter).

Example: create an internal control on 10/07/2019. Maintenance date to 01 of February and Audit date for 23 of March. The system thinks we are delayed with both tasks but in fact we are referring to the next’s year audit.

well…is not a bug … is a feature : ) this goes back years ago - basically the decision was left it this way so people can decide what to do with the audit records in the past date:

  • delete them
  • tag them as pass with a description of their own
  • etc

this is why we dont tag them in any way and leave that to the user …

“well…is not a bug … is a feature : )” ahah :slight_smile:

i know…pathetic…i never thought i would say that … but there you go, i said it … no pride left in me!

That’s ok. I noticed that no email notifications are immediately sent have the creation of the control, hence is less critical. I can just accept the first audit. :fist_right: