Bug: Custom LDAP port (due for release 39)

has anyone tried to connect to LDAP for authentication in a custom port?
Although the test during setting up the connector works, when I try to login I see the message

ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Can’t contact LDAP server [APP/Controller/Component/Auth/LDAPAuthenticate.php, line 25]

I would say that the ldap_connect does not take into account the port, but I don’t know how / where to check.

Hello there,

I’ve seen customers using different ports, so the port should work, just in case @martin can you check?

If you are using SSL remember you might need to confi your server settings (its documented on the configuration guide).


Hello, you are right, at this moment different port cannot be used on authentication (eramba login). Actually login part of eramba does not yet have migrated some new functionality for LDAP connectors where its possible to already use a different port - for example when you use Group connector on some feature on eramba. I will put this into our backlog as an issue and we will try to resolve that as soon as possible.

This should be fixed by r39