BUG - Custom status 'OR' Clause broken (only inclusive or)

The OR clause when configuring Custom status does not allow for “not” cases…

the case is:
if record does not include “parameter #1
if record does not include “parameter #2
Set “Custom Status”

in the above scenario the AND and OR clause will behave identically.
i believe that the intended eval for an OR clause evaluating “NOT” statements should be “if EITHER case” == TRUE then the whole clause should be FALSE

Case 1:
if x=1 OR x=2 ;
x==1; true | x==2; true | x==3 false

Case 2:
if x!=1 or x!=2 ;
x==1; false | x==2; false | x==3 true

as of now Case 2 logic produces the following results:
x==1; true | x==2; true | x==3; true

hope this makes sense

Hello Jonas,
I’m not sure if I understand. So is there something which is not working for you? Or you just wanted to point out this thing?

Well, the OR functionality of a filter while using “not includes” is broken - i believe this should be fixed?

Yes, fix will be part of 3.2.0

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3047