Bug - download attachments from Vendor Assessment

Hi there!

When trying to download an attachment from a Vendor Assessment I get following message in my browser:

Page you requested has not been found :-!
Requested page is no longer available or wrong. Check the URL and if the problem persist, you can …

After enabling debug mode in my test environment I get following message:


Missing Controller
Error: VendorAssessmentFeedbacksController could not be found.

Error: Create the class VendorAssessmentFeedbacksController below in file: app/Controller/VendorAssessmentFeedbacksController.php

<?php class VendorAssessmentFeedbacksController extends AppController { } Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/View/Errors/missing_controller.ctp Stack Trace APP/webroot/index.php line 113 → Dispatcher->dispatch(CakeRequest, CakeResponse) ===========END============ Any suggestion to what I can do to correct this error and be able to download the attachments auditees has uploadet af evidence? Looking forward to hear from you soon :slight_smile: Best Regards Christian Rozet


This issue is already documented and in a line for fixing.
Thank you for the feedback!

Internal reference : https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1420


What is the timeline for this fix? Could it be soon?

Do I have access to the history of the github issue 1420?

And is there another way (work around) to access the evidence?

I’m about to launch a huge amount of pre-audit vendor (self) assessments and its highly important to be able to download evidence … :frowning:

Best Regards

Christian Rozet

next monday probably , around lunch time !
sorry for the inconvenience


is done, we’ll publish it tomorrow:

thanks for the patince!

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Did you withdraw the update? I saw it this morning … But can’t see it anymore …