Bug - Notification Macro and HTML tags Security Contracts (release 40)


We are testing the notification on the support contracts>Controls Catalog and when putting macro “Dear %SECSERV_OWNER%” and in the real notification we get a dash " - ".
I’m trying to get either the owner of the Third Party - which is linked to that support contract. Any idea who this macro is referring to? and what is the possibility of having the macro for third party owner?

Also I’m trying to make some text in the notifications bold, does the notification template take HTML tags?



First sorry for the delay, if you notice we are not responding here please dont wait and drop us an email to support@eramba.org (which is where we support customers), in particular if you think its a bug.

Support contracts are not working well in terms of notifications, we have several updates on the pipeline (release 39 at the moment):

As you can see is right now for release 40, so that is end of august mid september. We’ll review backlogs this week and reorganise things a bit, it might come quicker.


This turned out to be a weird bug that affected other sections too, we are working over the weekend to complete it and we foresee a quick fix next monday / tuesday.

Thanks for reporting it!