Bug - Policy Portal Authentication (Closed)

Hi All

We have LDAP authentication enables for our policy portal. The login works with no issues, however once I click on a link ti see the actual policy I am brought to the eramba login page to authenticate aagin. All the policies we currently have in place are marked for authorized users only

Am I doing something wrong or is this by design, it seems a little strange to have to log in twice


It makes no sense John - we are looking at it.

My problem is different but perhaps related. I’m unable to select my LDAP connector from the Access Restriction tab.

The LDAP connector is enabled, approved, and in use. It’s how I log into the portal.

The Access Restrictions for policies uses the Connector type “Group” - like awareness.

Yep - is probably what Jonas mentions John. Have you looked at the documentation for Policies?
Let me know by email if you have trouble and need some help.

Ah,that makes sense. Thanks! You can close this discussion.