Bug - Risk Matrix doesn't scale well in report


The risk matrix chart doesn’t scale well in the pdf risk reports. On screen it’s fine, but on pdf the colored background is wider than the grid (at least in landscape format:

Not a big issue for us, we don’t distribute the pdf-files directly atm, but maybe at one point in time we will do so.

how many columns and rows the chart has? i see 5 in the X axis , and the Y? on the html (when the report is loaded in eramba) does it show correctly?

yes, in html it’s displayed correctly.

It has 5 columns and 4 rows.
The rows are correct, it’s just the width / the columns which don’t fit.

hm, interesting. In the generic system report it is displayed correctly. Maybe some zooming issue? I have lots of columns in the table which are printed on pdf and thus are quite small. Could it be that the grid gets smaller as well?

edit: Must be something with the zoom. I have removed some columns in the risk table, so the table is not zoomed anymore and the matrix is displayed correctly.