Bug - Yearly Cron (ongoing)


For those of you that had a new year , well we wish you a great new year ! The yearly cron that you should have configured on your system most likely did not work.

We found that in order for that cron call to work, you must be logged in as admin…when you run the url with cron there is no admin session and therefore that is why it fails.

To fix this:
1- Login as admin (or any account with admin rights)
2- On your browser, call the yearly cron: https://yoursystem/cron/yearly/KEY

Remember that the KEY is defined in System / Settings / Security Key

It might take a while to run, just leave it running. If you get any error (you should not) send an email to support@eramba.org with the error log and screenshot of what you got

We’ll fix this on the coming release