Community 2022 release

Our last community release was in October 2019, its 2 and a half years ago. Our promise is to deliver one update a year, it seems we are way delayed.

The delay is related to the large migration we did and only finished a few weeks ago, that migration took 2 years to complete.

We are planning now on upgrading community with a clean package, most likely it wont be possible to migrate from 2019 to 2022. We know is a bummer, but is impossible to build that migration without spending a lot of time on it. You will need to download your data using CSV and uploading it again using Imports. Not great.

We are likely also to change the upgrades strategy from once a year (well, ignoring our last couple of years) to more regular updates, we’ll be deciding this in the coming weeks. Our hope is before the summer we’ll do the release.