Community 2022 release

Our last community release was in October 2019, its 2 and a half years ago. Our promise is to deliver one update a year, it seems we are way delayed.

The delay is related to the large migration we did and only finished a few weeks ago, that migration took 2 years to complete.

We are planning now on upgrading community with a clean package, most likely it wont be possible to migrate from 2019 to 2022. We know is a bummer, but is impossible to build that migration without spending a lot of time on it. You will need to download your data using CSV and uploading it again using Imports. Not great.

We are likely also to change the upgrades strategy from once a year (well, ignoring our last couple of years) to more regular updates, we’ll be deciding this in the coming weeks. Our hope is before the summer we’ll do the release.

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Ok we have updates in regards to the “Community 2022” release. The following is confirmed:

  • Community 2022 is done and works, we are waiting to complete the website to launch it all at once. We expect end of September as a SAFE deadline.

  • This new version will support Docker as a native install methodology (vmware still supported as well). Upgrades are still over web interface, but is pretty confirmed sooner or later we will allow you guys do upgrades over docker as well.

  • community users will have un-restricted access to this forum , so far they had read only views.

  • There wont be any more “yearly” updates (and lets be honest, we missed a few years!!!). Community and enterprise will have all the time the same code, the exception is enterprise will have the additional features we all know (notifications, etc). This is very important and very good news!! … migrating from community to enterprise will be much easier. PHP, etc requirements will match those of Enterprise.

  • Migrating from current community to community 2022 will use a special script @marek is working on (and not enjoying). The script will be available at the end of October, NOT at the time we release the new community version. This is a bummer we totally get it, but we do as much as we can and the effort was redirected to build a code base that matches enterprise at all times first (and we did new website, learning platofmr, saas, etc). Sorry guys but you will need to wait to migrate.

You can sneak the new website (this is dev, not final) here: