Compliance Package spread out on 2 pages

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Does anyone have an idea, why one of my compliance packages (TDC Group, Facility Management: 2018 (May)) are spread out on 2 pages? (please watch the 2 attached dumps)

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Christian Rozet

Is this under Compliance Management / Compliance Packages?

Yes, its under Compliance Mgmt / Compliance Packages and after I imported a csv.

I might have a suggestion for reason:

At the same “page” there are other compliance packages, with a lot of compliance package items.

So the reason might be that there is a maximum number of items for each page. So showing one compliance package separated on 2 pages doesnt mean that the actual compliance package af divided into 2 parts … Which were the reason for my concerns …

Can you confirm or is there another reason?



Yep - the pagination on that section was always “strange”, anyway it is still functional - or you had an issue?

Its still functional … I think - until now :slight_smile:

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Christian Rozet

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