Eramba community Days - USA

We will be visiting USA on the last week of November and first of December, perhaps this would interest you and your friends:

This events are open to everyone, not just enterprise customers

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From a timing perspective, the last week of November includes the yankee holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s somewhat normal for virtually nobody to be working in the corporate world that week - if the dates to visit are flexible, I’d suggest not planning on doing much that week.

Are you planning on letting everyone know which cities are decided on? I voted for my own (of course), but I’m also not opposed to flying out to where the event is if my city isn’t selected…

well that was one good advice david! many thanks !! the week of the 9th of december is algo not good idea? (we’ll be in the west coast for meetings ont he week of the 2nd of december and wanted to extend the trip … one long trip is better than two or three shorter ones according ot my wife!)

That’s probably the last good week of the year - you do end up contending with people that have not used all of their allocated vacation time, so offices get fairly empty and actual work crawls to a halt, but most are still working the week of the 9th and you should be fine with that - any later and you’ll want to wait until next year.

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