Eramba is looking for a GRC consultant


This is Esteban, some of you know me i guess, i sort of lead this project. eramba needs someone with GRC and eramba experience (both mandatory) to help us with some core team tasks:

  • online trainings (the ones i do, Online Trainings)
  • perhaps demo calls, in particular those in Americas timezone (my wife is tired of me being late at dinner)
  • help us define, design and test (functionally) features on the software
  • keep up building our ISO 27001 certification needed for our saas project
  • some help keeping somewhat updated and under control

I estimate some 15-20 hours / month consulting, we work with long term engagements so this is easily a year minimum. if things go well this can be a full time job. This position can be done from anywhere, we don’t care where you are, is all about your attitude. Times are also flexible and quite easy to organise, mostly is pre-arranged calls. We work best with simple, to the ground, non-fancy people.

We prefer paying per month in advance, we set a fixed fee for a number of hours and we try to stick to that. We do not accept work for free. Our budget is around €70 / hour, so considering some 20 hs we are talking about some €1500 a month.

If you are interested, please do me a favour and drop an email to

Thank you