Feature - Awareness Program, More than one of each content type

Right now you have the option of using any or none of the content types (html/text; video; multiple choice)
but you can only use the content type 1 time for each awareness program.

it would be usefull to be able to add more instances of a content type…


The following steps are all part of 1 training:

Step1 - HTML/TXT - policy
Step2 - Multiple Choice - test that trainee has understood policy
Step3 - HTML/TXT - presentation how to conduct controls of policy collection of evidence etc…
Step4 - Multiple Choice - test that trainee has understood procedure for collecting evidence.
Step5 - press “Complete Training”

Hi Jonas,
I’m not following you here, you can use one (for example videos) or more than one content type (for example html and multiple choice and videos) per awarenes training.
What is your suggestion?

I would like to use more than one html content per training