Feature - Change Labels for existing fields


we are currently facing the problem that many Labels of non-custom fields does not fit to our organisation. For example, we would like to rename the Stakeholder Label in the Asset Risk Management. Our aim is to change the Label in another Label that fits better to our organisation. We do not intent to change any of your data model.

Can this be realised?

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yes i understand your point and in fact i share it with you , everyone calls things different.

we dont really have an option for customising the fields names … fields are dry and affect everything from filters, reports, index, filters, etc … so is not an simple feature to implement.

DISCLAIMER - this isn’t a supported solution and will break things if you don’t know what you’re doing so use at your own risk. That being said, this is how we solved this issue…

The system has built in localization, which is awesome because almost every piece of text in Eramba is pulled from resources in app/Locale. There’s a directory there for all the supported languages, but there’s no translation from english to english (obviously). However, you can actually add english “translation”, which in our case was to rename fields based on how our business operates.

Long story short, we added app/Locale/eng/LC_MESSAGES/default.po

Works like a charm.

Edit - forgot to mention, you need to clear the cache afterwards for the changes to go into effect.

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yes - this would work but bare in mind we are changing the multi-language support so you will be able to import your own translated files (PO) - so is probably better to make your own translation of our “English” (sarcasms here) rather than modifying the base language file.

An official solution would be wonderful. Do you have a time line and an idea how the translation option will be implemented?

the solution provided above is as elegant as it gets with the current level of functionality, i’ll document an issue for setting up custom roles names to whatever the user wants…but my guess is that is not just those fields that people wants to customise.