Feature - Compliance item and related objects graph

To answer questions like “Why did you select this measure” it would be great if I can show the related objects graph using a compliance item as starting point.

So, instead of scrolling down to a specific compliance item:

Something like:

This way I can explain it more easily and convincing I think.

Yes - this is an ongoing issue for some time, is just not simple to fix it … we will most likely split the module in two, one “Summary” and the other “Compliance Analysis Items”

the summary will load a pre-calculated landing page as we have now on the dashboard, this will make the loading very quick. there will be here the option to create the equivalent of what we have today as “Report Item”

From there, if you click on the counters you will be taken to the other tab (compliance analysis items) and is there where you will be able to pull the report you want (which will be called Item Report, that tab wont have a section report)

Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2496