Feature:Compliance Package for a customer


I am trying to create a Compliance Package for a customer (as our customers are setting a lot of security requirements for us).

When adding a third party (customer) for this package it says

“INFORMATIVE: Select an applicable type for this Third Party, whatever you choose will be simply informative, it wont affect what can be done with this third party.”

But that is not correct - as I cannot create a Compliance Package for a customer. The workaround is of course to add the customer as a regulator, but I don’t understand why this limitation exists.

I am sorry if this has been discussed here before,

hello !
there has been a discussion on this, is a software limitation at the moment no chance to change that :frowning:

Then the text explaining what the field does is at least wrong :slight_smile: It’s not informative…

But thank you - I can manage things great with this limitation!