Feature - Compliance Package - Third Party disassociation

When we want to upload a compliance package, we need to first create a third party (organisation / third party). We want to break this relationship and make it simpler.

New way to upload compliance packages:

1/ go to compliance mgt / compliance packages / Actions / Import

  • define a short name for the package the user is about to upload
  • select the file to import
  • click import
  • show the preview of import (as we have use in all other imports)

the rest of the process is the same (index, etc).

NOTE: this “Compliance Packages” are used in many places:

1/ Compliance Management / Compliance Analysis
2/ Compliance Management / Compliance Packages
3/ Compliance Management / Compliance Analysis Findings
4/ Compliance Management / Third Party Audits

this means we need to “migrate” what customers have now to a new table.

What is the reasoning behind this? Are you finding compliance packages are a many-to-many relationship to third parties? It seems odd that a compliance package wouldn’t be associated to a regulatory requirement or contractual obligation. Especially in cases where a third party client might be linked to multiple compliance packages (HIPAA, State Law, contractual obligations).