Feature - Compliance Packages: current certification status

Here’s a suggestion for a new feature,
inspired by a colleague asking me the following simple question:
‘What standards is our company certified against?’ -

It would be good if the Compliance Packages module had something like a ‘certification status’ tab?
With fields like ‘currently certified? Y/N’ and ‘data of latest certification’, ‘certification body’, ‘certificate number’, etc etc?
Then my colleague would be able to pull this info quite easily out of that module.
(Because the moment, in practical terms, I have a mixture of currently certified, not-certified-yet, and obsolete/no-longer-certified items in my Compliance Packages)

You can quite easily go into the Compliance Packages module, enable customization and add these fields in. I have added some very similar ones.
You can then create a new filter showing all of the statuses from your new fields and even add that filter to a new report and email it out every month.

Oh of course! I’m being foolish :slight_smile:
(it’s just that earlier today I discovered the Organisation > Third Party module was missing some fields that I wanted, and I couldn’t add them because they were links to other modules, not just data…
but that’s not the case here, you are quite right, I can just add what I’d like!)

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