Feature - Copy (external) link from actions menu

As I convert from a wiki into eramba…

Many of our artifacts that are documented in the wiki (and will remain in the wiki I guess) refer to entities that exist in eramba. For example, a GDPR Processing Activity refers to the data recipients. The data recipients seem to map pretty well to the eramba organizations and third parties. I would like to add a link in the wiki page for the PA to refer back to individual eramba items.

It would be a nice usability feature if the Actions menu provided an option to copy to the clipboard a link to the eramba item as an URL.

Of course eramba doesn’t quite work that way as items never seem to get a URL, only appearing in the popup editors. So I suppose the Actions could return a URL to a dynamic filter.

Example: For the “Operations” organization, the Actions could copy to the clipboard the URL


Hmm, playing around a bit, it seems the URL can be simplified to:


Or better, since its a single item URL