Feature - Create Finding from Online Assessment Items

When you are reviewing the answers from an online assessment, it would be very helpful if one of the actions for the answer was “Create Finding” which allowed you to create a finding from that specific answer. Ideally, this would auto-populate the question in the create a finding’s form. This would save a lot of time in evaluating the responses from the online assessment.

I think i know what you mean, the “Finding” thing is on the main index:

and you need to click there and then click again on “add” … it would be easier to have that button on the tab where feedback is provided:

is that it?


  • next release (so march) we’ll re-design %100 the portal users use to login, we plan a different layout something a bit like this:

please add any idea or suggestion you want there now, we’ll try to plug it now.

  • we will also have template questionnaires as part of our library project