Feature - Custom Fields: sortable Dropdown fields / Commas in dropdown

When defining a custom dropdown field, the dropdown list cannot be sorted afterwards. e.g. I created a field “risk category” with about 10 options of our former security risk categories (to be able to map them). I made some errors and had to replace some entries, now these entries are on the bottom of the dropdown list, but logically they should be somewhere in between (sorted by C - I - A). If it was sortable I wouldn’t need to enter them all over again.

Furthermore I recognised that commas in the dropdown content generate a new entry, so no commas could be used within a dropdown list, couldn’t this content just be treated as one string?


Hi Fabian,

If i understand the issue with the drop down is that is not sorted ? (alphabetically or numerically) ?

As for the commas, you are correct, they would create an additional drop down item. Let me think on how we can work this out. Please confirm the sorting aspect and i’ll document this one.


Hi Esteban

Exactly, it’s just sorted by input order, no possibility to sort it either manually or sort it automatically by number/alphabet.


Hi, just curious on whether there had been further development on the sorting of dropdowns? I have the same view, and would prefer the dropdown listed items were in alphabetical order.