Feature - Custom roles for audits and maintenance (planned for r46)

When we create a sec. service we set two “Custom Roles”

  • owner
  • collaborator

now, Sec. Services, OPTIONALLY, can have attached to them “Audits” and “Maintenances” - these two also have roles:

Audits (which is empty when a control is created and not filled until the audit is completed):

Maintenances (which is empty when a control is created and not filled until the audit is completed):

Since this two roles are empty, we cant show them on dashboards so when a user logs in eramba that person knows what audits has assigned to them and must be done. This will also affect workflows and notifications…a mess we need to fix to move on with more advanced features.

We can only show the two roles for sec. services, maintenances and audits are not there.

Fix required:

Include a field called “Audit Owner” and “Maintenance Owner” on the top of the tab modal where one or more users can be selected.

  • Make sure these two custom roles are included on the import templates
  • Make sure these two custom roles are updated on the filters for audits and maintenances (there are fields for each case, perhaps it can be reused)
  • Make sure Sec. Services / Notifications / Audits / Warning … etc which have now a role “Audit Owner” points to this new field
  • Make sure we include these two on the index:

  • Make sure PDF are updated too.
  • Make sure we include on USER dashboards including a new box

These are good initial metrics:


  • Work out the admin dashboard , we need two metrics:
    • Coming Audits (14 Days)
    • Coming Maintenances (14 Days)

NOTE: this will work for all newly created sec. services but all existing will need to have these two roles completed automatically by the updater.

  • If the sec. service has incomplete audits or maintenances
  • assign whoever has been assigned the role “owner” (which is a mandatory field) on that sec. service

Ref. https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/965