Feature - Dashboards Phase #2 (planned for r46)

These set of features are phase #2 for dashboards, the first challenge was to get the calculation and performance issues asociated with showing the data.

API fed KPIs

We need to be able to define API based KPIs for the Admin dashboard. So when you click on “Add New” we need the modal to show an option (checkbox by default off) that if clicked the user is shown the end-point for the API to call and a demo json to be used.


We need a Settings / Thresholds option where the user can define, for each KPI what thresholds exist. So the modal pops and the user selects one of the KPIs and defines numeric thresholds:

  • From this number to this number
  • colour green.
  • title (see filter improvements)

The user is allowed to create more than one threshold per metric.

if the threshold matches, the full row of the KPI is shown on the colour defined by the user:

Thresholds defined by any admin group member applies to all admin group members.


We need to have filters , the idea is that over time (specific dates or reference dates) you can query each metric and their thresholds.

  • one tab to define the times / dates
  • one tab per “kpi group” where you can setup values and comparisons (above, below, etc).
    • If the kpi has a threshold, you can select “equals” or “not” if the threshold matched

The user can call this endpoint with a user as many times as they want.


We need notifications to send “Filters” saved over email.