Feature - Dashboards (planned for r61)

We will be doing some bug fixing and new features on the user / admin dashboard in preparation for the new template:

  • stores kpi data once a week or when triggered by the admin clicking somewhere

  • keeps up to 1 year of history, and deletes anything beyond that date

  • calculates once a day as now or when manually triggered by the admin

  • user dashboard is shown as it is now , some metrics are broken btw (this needs to be re-tested)

  • each kpi on the dashboard (user or admin) can have one or more thresholds defined based on:

    • comparing the kpi against a minimum and a maximum
    • comparing the change of kpi from last kpi (as a percentage)
    • each threshold can have a colour defined which is shown on the kpi cell
    • thresholds can only be defined in the admin dashboard this is to prevent users from defining their own thresholds
  • we need a csv download button that allows users to download current or historical data.

  • the package we build for this release needs to delete all stored data.

internal ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1312