Feature - eramba SaaS

We finished the migration a month ago, we have now come up with a partnership with a local company (Labyrinth Labs) that is really good at this saas stuff and we have devised what changes are required in eramba to make this work, chiefly avoiding using files on filesystem … we build a redis functionality on eramba and we’ll soon enable s3 for attachments … once that is ready we will start testing eramba on a native saas environement

we have agreed with the partner to start the implementation on June … a few months of building and testing my guess is perhaps after the summer we might be ready for customer testing …?

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we are on track ! in june the infrastructure will be built by our partner, we have made the modifications on the software that were required.

in july / august we will start taking existing enterprise customers that want to move to saas … a month or so later we’ll start offering the service to new customers

pricing wise we have no idea yet , it will be as cheap as possible

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This sounds great and well done :clap:
Will existing enterprise customers be allowed to test it out before migrating and will there be an option to specify the cloud storage locations (UK/EEA)?