Feature - Exceptions miss a custom role "Owner" in addition to "Requester"

Currently there is only a field to capture exception requester details. However would it be possible to include exception owner details as well. In our org the exception requester would be different person from the exception owner/approver.

Having following fields under general tab of Risk & Policy exception shall help to register exceptions in effective way.

Exception Requester (Person requesting the exception to Risk or Policy)
Exception Reviewer (Basically a person from GRC team reviewing the exception)
Exception Owner / Approver (Someone who owns the exception and approves it)

yes - this is in fact something it also bothered me for some time.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2751

coincidently we completed new videos that explain good features on the exception modules, i strongly advice anyone with an interest in exceptions to review them:

Unfortunately Github link is not accessible (404 error).
Should we expect this feature in coming releases?

The github issue is private for us to follow up.

Unfortunately it will take months, we need to complete the infamous Cake Migration first

Ok got it. Will look forward for that feature.

perhaps this functionality should instead be an extension of customisation in which users can define their own custom roles.

I think that the possibility of defining own custom roles would be useful, and I’d rather go that way instead of providing a lot of predefined roles to accommodate different possible processes in different organisations.

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Is this customization option for custom roles already available? If yes then can you help me find related document or videos?

no, is not available … as i said it will take some months until we complete the migration and we can start on the backlog of features that have been accumulating since May 2020.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2849

Under custom fields we need one new type: “Custom Role” which lets people see a list of users/groups just as our custom roles:

  • We want to make a hard limit of 2 custom roles per section, meaning that users are not allowed to create more than two custom roles
  • Whatever custom role is created, it propagates to filters and notifications (under custom roles)
  • The custom field can not be deleted if the custom role is used on a notification, we need the typical dependency message
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Will this feature be available soon ?


For now, it is planned for 3.13.0, but of course, it may change.