Feature: Incident Numbers for all Security Incidents (due for r41)

To allow external reference to specific incidents, it would be very useful for each incident to have a number that was exposed in the interface that could be used to correlate incidents in communications external to eramba with references to the specific incident number. Even more useful is if the incident number would be exposed in the url, so that you could do something like https://eramba.com/securityIncidents/incidentnumberhere to permit easy access to the specific incident post authentication to eramba.

Hi Walt,

Everything has an ID (is how the DB underneath works), is just that we are not showing it. I just logged an issue to include it on the index:

If you filter all incidents and include the “ID” field, you’ll see the ID

If you then clck on the lens you’ll see the URL that takes you stragight to that incident.

this same principle works (or should) everywhere else in the system.