Feature - Link type for custom fields

Would it be possible to have a “link” type for custom fields? I would use it to insert a URL which links to e.g. additional documentation, an object on another system, etc. The link should be directly clickable, which would make it different from a normal text field.



do you mean that when the link is defined , on the filter output is “clickable” ?

i think this should be part of eramba everywhere, not just custom fields. Any formatted url on any text field should come out as clickable, also “mentions” i think its called (when you put a @…) should also work in a way that the item automatically becomes shared to that person and an email notification is sent to them.

please let me know if this is more or less what you mean?


See also Feature - Custom Fields as URL

yes - i remembered this and i tried searching for the github issue but could not find one, thanks barry for bringing it up

I referred to a specific type of custom field because I thought that would be simpler, but of course having URL everywhere in text fields formatted as links would be even better.

And if we talk about “enriching” text fields, I would also find it useful to have some basic text formatting possibilities, i.e. bullet points, bold text, etc.


yes, that too!

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Some news about this feature?