Feature - Make all dropdowns configurable

We have some drop-downs on the system which are not configurable by the user:

  • open/close (exceptions, findings, issues, etc)
  • third party supplier type
  • etc

for example:

we need to make those fixed (system, meaning they cant be changed) but allow users to add more options if they want too. same stuff we have on “policy type”.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2600

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This is the list of status:

https://demo-e2.eramba.org/thirdParties (Type)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/securityServices (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/policyExceptions (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/riskExceptions (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/complianceExceptions (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/complianceAnalysisFindings (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/projects (Status)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/securityIncidents (Type)
https://demo-e2.eramba.org/securityIncidents (Status)

Careful with:

  • Imports, we need the column import to dynamically update the description based on the items created. the import uses the name of the field not an id
  • Dynamic status will be still configured but might never trigger … so i think we dont care much about them
  • Notifications … there might be a warning notification that DOES NOT trigger if the status = Closed /// we should remove this notifications and slowly replace them all for dynamic status + warning notification || LET ESTEBAN KNOW IF THIS IS THE CASE
  • Filters of course should automatically pick up the new status