Feature - New Website

We are working on a new website , the current one runs on Wordpress and is way too complicated to keep updated. A demo is now partly functional at http://www2.eramba.org/ , we really dont have time for this kind of things so it took us nearly 6 months to get here … we also put a Linkedin page which we are learning to use: http://www.linkedin.com/company/eramba

Just sharing , probably not that interesting for you!

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The design certainly looks modern and elegant, which is good. Though, I do take issue with the information density on the pages. On a 1920x1200 screen, it feels like it has about as much content on it as my phone screen does - so I’d prefer to have things smaller and more dense, but you could also say it’s a personal preference…

i actually made the same point to Marek … it looks too large on my desktop screen…we’ll see if we can make it smaller.

WebSite looks really great, pretty responsive too. Look forward to seeing it published.

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Appears the new website went live in the past 24 hours and 2019 community launched.

In the partner section, it appears the partners don’t have working hyperlinks anymore…

Ups , we forgot, i told marek about it he’ll sort it out tomorrow!

is fixed now, we were thinking on charging a fee per year to include the url … something like 50 usd per character … so if your website has 10 characters it would be 500 usd. but then we desisted… :slight_smile: