Feature request - management and auditor comments

Hi all

as part of ISO, we carry internal audits by a 3rd party. They provide us a with a report. Currently there doesn’t seem to be an area where we can store such documents, or for example yearly management review documents.

Could this be an area to expand on? Or am I missing some other way to do it?


I’m curious on the best way to do this as well. Here`s what I did:

I’ve created a third party called - External Auditor.
Added a compliance package for that 3rd party, ID is the year and name of assessment.
And I add Compliance Analysis findings to that package. Which allow me to track each item.

In my case, I only had the end results, not the assessment questionnaire.

To record external audits you got and in particular the findings we recommend you Compliance Management / Compliance Finding Analysis.

Thanks for the email the other day Sean !