Feature - Risk Exception Approver and Description as a filter option


I had a meeting with PwC and show them how we were doing our governance of risk etc. They were really impressed with the tool. So kudos to the Eramba team for the great work.

However on the Risk Management -> Risk Exception, they were missing two things which I agreed on, which were the following:

  1. The risk exception does not have a field for “approvers”. Someone requests/creates the risk exception but we are missing the approver person and date of the approval.
  2. The description of each risk exception is not possible to filter, hence you need to open one by one item to read the description. Thus, would be great that the description was available on the filters to be displayer on the main risk exception table/page.

I “fixed” probably number one with the custom fields you guys provide, however it is not really a workflow. It would be great if someone adds a risk exception that a default approver (user or group) got a notification to approve such risk exception, including the date. Then approver before approve could have the chance to modify the risk exception wording and duration etc.