Feature - Third Party Audit Findings

It would be good if when doing a third party audit if you could add the same findings to multiple compliance package items like you can on the compliance analysis.

I agree. During one of the trainings, I talked to Esteban about this. A lot of times the same finding applies to multiple controls and you end up having to create the same finding over and over. It would be nice if it worked like the compliance analysis.

So instead of having the item pre-selected:

we have the item pre-selected but also we can choose all other items from the audit (multiple select)

I would add also a shortcut to the “Record finding” on the main menu:


Also included another request from another member of the community; Feature - Make Third Party Audits responses single-select (due for r40)

We are really open to ideas here, we might not solve them all at once but as long as they are in the backlog recorded they get eventually done.