Feature - User Interface- getting details should not be so hard for any line item (ongoing)

The manage button/ along with drop down expand on the right is very inefficient since most of the other clickable functionality is aligned to the left.
Secondly and more desirably, I would love a more intuitive way to see details of either controls, risks, assets or any other line item. For example, an overlay window pop up to display a risk and its content would be highly efficient for a user.

I think i just replied that the whole UX will be refactored once we finish the bloody migration of old code. But anyway i think is good we start logging all UX suggestions in github with a UX label.

1/ your first suggestion is that the “Manage” button is on the right instead of the left?

2/ i totally agree. in a couple of months once we are done with migrations and we can finally start putting new things we’ll do a couple of webex sessions to chat about UX improvements in general.

Yes, because on bigger screen. the right button move to extreme right.

Secondly “manage” It is small and difficult to expand, so I would rather have all frequently used features such as “edit” beside “manage” menu and not inside.