Grammar Review - New Template

As the new template gets closer and closer, we want to ask the collaboration of the community to help us review the english grammar in the product and our documentation, perhaps you are interested helping us?


In case you wonder what are the common preferences when it comes to documentation;

Thank you very very very much to all of those that offered assistance ! 12 people at 3000 words each we pretty much cover the entire project.

We have started re-writing our documentation, we use this spreadsheet to keep track of the work.

The reviewer tasks is more or less:

  • open the doc with a gmail account (you can create a temporally account if you dont use gmail)
  • read the doc make sure grammar is correct
  • read the doc, make sure what was written is plain, short and clear

for the above, simply delete and re-write as needed.

  • if you have a suggestion on how to re-organise the document or explanation you can right-click and leave a “Comment”. Make sure you include so i get notifications :slight_smile:

I think thats the job, we want guides to be simple, fun…cut to the chase i think is the expression.

I’ll drop an email to everyone that offered assistance and refer them to this post for follow ups

Thanks again