Off-topic - SaaS Trials begin in September, want in?

As you may already know, we are building a cloud solution, we will be hosting eramba (community and enterprise) for you on AWS.

We’ll write a technical post on how it works later this month, but in our view is using well proven technologies and deployment procedures. We hired and paid a ton of money to a local business ( that specialises in this type of environment, this will be a 24x7 shop and we need pro’s. As much as we could have improvised, the reality is our thing is GRC and Software, not SaaS or Infrastructure.

The solution is already running and we want to offer 5 trials for free (for as long as you enterprise license is valid) to any existing customer. We are looking at testing, from a customer perspective (we tested things a lot already): performance, speed and cost.

If you are interested in testing our cloud solution, you can contact us by email:

We will migrate your existing eramba to the cloud, and you will be able to use it as normal with the only difference that we will host it. If you want to rollback, that will also be possible.

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Count me in!