Offtopic - servers down / migrated

we had postponed a migration/upgrade of our servers (web, forum, code, support, dev, etc) for a long time, we started on saturday and it took longer than expected (nothing new).

today the forum is up (finally - it has been down since saturday) and updates on enterprise wont be working until tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.

we managed to improve the security of our infra, lower costs and simplify the setup a lot. which are all good things that will pay back over time.

good night

important, our update servers (the ones your eramba connects to every night , hour, etc) have been migrated behind a multi-zone load balancer (before they where exposed directly) and therefore their ip changed to:

the OLD ip used to be:

So update your outgoing rules to match the ips set above please

With the exception of the points below all seems functional for some time now:

  • we missed emails from last week, they were routed to the wrong place (fixed)
  • demo is simply locking our RDS servers, we still dont know and we are working on it (on it…)