Online Assessments vs Third Party questionnaire is missing

Before the implementation of the Online assessment module, the feature was called Third Party Assessments (if I remember correctly), there used to be way to assign specific questions to individuals.

This was used internally, to have all collected information in a single form, sections sent to IT, Finance …

I have not found a way to perform this with Online Assessment, if it is no longer available any chance to get the feature back ?

Yes - a year or more ago !

Online assessments do the same and more than the old feature, what is that you have not been able to do? i would recommend having a look at the videos, they cover the feature in detail. For sure online assessments are far better than the old functionality so it seems a little strange that something was possible before and not now … but … the benefit of the doubt must always be respected so do let me know if im wrong!

This is the only thing i’m missing from the older version. Specific sections were assigned to IT, others to Finance…
To perform this now, I need to split the forms or have them Answer Not applicable.