Project size and slimming down

I created some fresh Alpine based Docker images for Eramba and noticed that the Enterprise (or just the latest) version of Eramba is quite a bit big bigger (+/- 465MB) than the community or previous versions (+/- 196MB).

Here is a list of the largest directories after an almost clean install:

du -h | grep "M\t" | sort -n -r | head -50
506.0M  .
409.9M  ./app
188.6M  ./app/upgrade
122.5M  ./app/Plugin
114.8M  ./app/Plugin/CakePdf
114.6M  ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor
114.5M  ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor/mpdf
88.9M   ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor/mpdf/ttfonts
83.6M   ./.git
82.8M   ./.git/objects/pack
82.8M   ./.git/objects
67.4M   ./app/upgrade/vendor
57.7M   ./app/upgrade/cache
54.2M   ./app/Module
46.3M   ./app/upgrade/config
45.2M   ./app/upgrade/cache/repo/
45.2M   ./app/upgrade/cache/repo
44.1M   ./app/upgrade/config/Seeds
43.6M   ./app/upgrade/vendor/google
42.8M   ./app/upgrade/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src/Google/Service
42.8M   ./app/upgrade/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src/Google
42.8M   ./app/upgrade/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src
42.8M   ./app/upgrade/vendor/google/apiclient-services
41.6M   ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme
41.2M   ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot
40.2M   ./app/upgrade/config/Seeds/Demo
28.9M   ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/js
23.1M   ./app/webroot
22.6M   ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/js/plugins
14.4M   ./app/upgrade/logs
12.8M   ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/js/plugins/editors
12.5M   ./app/upgrade/cache/files
12.4M   ./lib/Cake
12.4M   ./lib
11.3M   ./app/webroot/js
9.7M    ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/js/plugins/editors/ace
8.4M    ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/img
8.2M    ./app/webroot/js/plugins
8.1M    ./lib/Cake/Test
7.8M    ./app/upgrade/vendor/cakephp
7.6M    ./app/Locale
7.4M    ./app/webroot/css
7.1M    ./app/webroot/css/font
6.9M    ./app/upgrade/cache/files/google
6.9M    ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor/mpdf/qrcode/data
6.9M    ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor/mpdf/qrcode
6.8M    ./app/upgrade/cache/files/google/apiclient-services
6.8M    ./app/Module/LimitlessTheme/webroot/img/login_backgrounds
6.1M    ./app/upgrade/vendor/cakephp/cakephp
6.1M    ./app/Plugin/CakePdf/Vendor/mpdf/examples

For me, it would make sense to remove for example the .git directory from the production release (only include it in a source version download or just host a public repository), some other directories like the upgrade directory, seeds, demo’s/examples in the list might also not be strictly needed.

Sorry about that, the install package will be cleaned and updated till tomorrow.

Thank you for the feedback!