Question about Assets => specific asset => system report item

This is how to get the report:

And the question is, what “Compliance Package Chapter” is this referring to? Which “Compliance Package”? I have multiple packages. I can’t find one with this name. Why is it not showing more info like the compliance package chapter ID?

Also, where does it fetch this “compliance package chapter” from? All my compliance packages in eramba are in English, so where is it pulling this German term from?


Take a look at Compliance Management → Compliance Packages → Compliance Package Items (top of page). You should see Chapter Name there that ties out to what you’re seeing in the report. If not, that’s above my pay grade around here!

I tried that already, thanks. Like I said, its weird, my compliance packages are all in English, only the content of my policies and controls is in German, hence I need to know where it pulls that data from.