Question - Adding a Risk to Eramba?

Hi all,

I’m starting to build/transfer over our organization’s risk register into Eramba. I understand Eramba has three different ways of documenting risks (Asset, Business Continuity, Third Party).

One risk example I was given was: Financial/revenue harm due to loss of a client

My first thought is that this should be an asset-based risk, with revenue as the asset. Then document the risk itself against revenue.

Does this sound right?



This is something i try to remark on the trainings (not sure the videos had a mention on this) … this is a very personal approach in my view and experience from what i see in between customers.

Personally i like risks as “business” as is easier for me to see and describe problems in that way, i rarely use the “asset” view. “third parties” are also used when it relates to someone outside the company.

In this case you mention, me (but its just me) i would use a “business” risk.

I dont think there is wrong and good here, in the end the aim is to think how the risk can be best described to whoever you will show it to, at least thats my point of view.