Question - API JSONs


I am working with a team member to integrate one of our systems with Eramba, and we were wondering where the API calls should be made from?

Should we store the JSON file in the respective folder of the module we would like to integrate with?

Example: /riskExceptions/systemcall.json?

Or are there alternatives to this?

Hello Fernando,

Iā€™m not sure if I understand correctly or you looking at using API wrong way but API calls are made from app you are using for example postman or something similar. You do not need to store json.
Maybe it would worth to have a look at documentation here:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I guess the question he had was what the Target URL would be to make an API call from the external application.

Target URl is URL of eramba which you are using. For example:
points to our demo enviroment. Paths for different sections are listed in documentation

Do not forget, user need to have api option enabled

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